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Dispatch machine debugging method video and picture

The automatic dispensing machine is a commonly used equipment for dispensing and packaging It can be used for s

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The automatic dispensing machine is a commonly used equipment for dispensing and packaging. It can be used for sealing and bonding in the production of cabinet cabinets, filters, sheet metal, automotive, lighting and other industries. It can help operators to complete different dispensing operations quickly and efficiently, and has been widely used in industrial production. 
The automatic dispensing machine has a high degree of intelligence, and the method of use is relatively simple. After the relevant debugging, only the CAD or dxf file picture needs to be imported into the automatic dispensing machine, and the machine can execute the dispensing path according to the drawing, and easily perform the normal point. Glue work. The following describes the debugging method of the automatic dispenser.
First, choose the right debugging environment.
The commissioning of the automatic dispenser should be carried out in a dry, low-pollution environment, and the machine should be placed on a stable foundation to check whether the voltage of the whole working circuit is stable, and whether the working source of the glue is stable and leak-free. Etc. These are all important factors to ensure proper commissioning.
Second, select the automatic dispenser needle.
The diameter of the inside of the needle of the automatic dispenser should be chosen to be 1/2 of the diameter of the glue point. In the dispensing work, the appropriate dispensing needle can be selected according to the size of the product, and the appropriate needle should be selected for different sizes of products. The minimum dispensing amount of the automatic dispenser is 0.005 ml less than the standard amount, the minimum inner diameter of the stainless steel needle is 0.1 mm, and the minimum inner diameter of the needle is 0.1 mm.
It is important to note that the height of the dispensing needle to the board and the inner diameter of the needle are also the most important parameters, so pay special attention when selecting the needle.
Third, the dispensing time and dispensing amount are set.
The setting time of the glue dispensing time of the automatic dispenser should be set to 1/2 of the product spacing, ensuring that there are enough dispensing components to prevent excessive glue from seeping out. The amount of glue dispensed by the automatic dispenser can be adjusted by the dispensing time of the dispenser. In actual production, the amount of dispensing and the time of dispensing can be adjusted according to specific conditions.