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What kind of machine is the lid seal dispenser?

The barrel lid sealing dispenser is a fully automatic machine for waterproofing sealant glue It is chemically re

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The barrel lid sealing dispenser is a fully automatic machine for waterproofing sealant glue. It is chemically reacted by two or three kinds of glue to directly foam on the lid to form a sealing strip, which forms a smooth and beautiful surface. The sealing strip with strong resilience, dustproof and waterproof performance and high sealing protection level can realize more precise and quick sealing of the barrel cover.
In the past, on the sealing of the lid, the method often used is to directly add a sealing ring to the lid of the barrel. Although the sealing ring has a simple structure and a small volume, it does not leak when it is statically sealed, but it also has a fatal disadvantage.
First of all, the sealing ring is a separate accessory, and its processing size and precision requirements are extremely strict.
Secondly, the sealing ring is currently available in the market with a small number of models and shapes. The selection range is also small. If the model specifications of the lid product need to be changed, the required sealing ring needs to be customized. This often leads to the need to re-open the mass production, which leads to an increase in production costs, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise.
At present, the appearance of the barrel lid sealing dispenser has solved the shortage of the above two sealing rings perfectly, and the industrial developed areas such as Europe have already entered the process of automatically applying glue to replace the sealing ring.
First of all, for the problem of sealing, the glue of the dispenser can be directly hit on the lid of the barrel, and the barrel lid can be tightly combined with no gaps to prevent oil leakage, air leakage and water leakage.
Secondly, for the case that the number of sealing rings is small and the replacement is not flexible, the dispensing machine is completely adapted to the changing situation. As long as the dispensing path is programmed, the barrel cap can be glued in a few seconds without reopening by the conventional method. Mode, greatly improved production capacity.
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