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Kaiwei and iRootech: join hands to enter global market, link equipment and technology to create true value!

Hannover Industrial Fair, known as the "direction indicator of global industrial technology development ", opens at

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Hannover Industrial Fair, known as the "direction indicator of global industrial technology development", opens at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Germany on April 23 local time. As the largest industrial event in the world today, Hannover Industrial Fair is globally recognized as one of the most important international events to connect industrial design, innovative manufacturing, cutting-edge technology and commercial trade. It is expected to host political and business leaders and professional attendances from 80 countries and regions.

Shanghai Kaiwei Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is joining hands with iRootech Technology Co., Ltd.- China's first industrial internet platform with global service capabilities – to enter the global market, link equipment and technology, and create true value!

New Kaiwei foam sealing machine is first launched at Hannover Industrial Fair, in Hanover, Germany. Kaiwei, in close cooperation with iRootech - China's largest industrial internet enterprise, equipped their machines with the “wings” of the internet, so that the status of the machines can be known at any time and from any corner of the world, thereby opening the door to the future of industrial seal! The exhibition will last until the 27th. Please visit us at D33, hall 8.

By joining hands with the industrial internet national team - iRootech and with the support of iRootech to the “unicorn” among the foam sealing machine manufacturers - Kaiwei Electric Co., Ltd., Kaiwei launched ten new products at the Hannover Industrial Fair! With the integration of three-body intelligence, a new profit model of industrial design has been preliminarily formed, creating an all-win situation! This trip to Hannover is very rewarding.


How to improve the efficiency is a problem that all the decision makers in the manufacturing plant are faced with and must solve. The running speed of dispensing and foaming machines, KAIWEI HT-3xx and HT-4xx, is 6-12m/min, and the daily production is about 3000m, which fully meets all the dispensing and foaming capacity needs of the factory.


Usually, the adhesive tape with width of 15 mm and length of 1 m weighs 25 grams. The price of domestic raw material is 35 RMB / kg, thus the cost of 1 m raw material is 1 m * 25 g * 35 RMB / kg / 1000 = 0.875 RMB / m.


In the IP Testing, the IP rating of the cabinet or other sealed products that use foaming sealing strip can reach the level of IP67 or even higher (the highest level is IP68, with the first digit for solids and the second digit for liquids), and thus can achieve the desired effect.


The standard configuration of dispensing and foaming machines, KAIWEI HT-3xx and HT-4xx, is 6-axis servos control (Panasonic Servo) with module 2 bevel gear providing the driving force, which can run continuously for 7*12 hours and thus can even be used on the assembly line without raising any concern.

Attending the Hannover Industrial Fair is the first step of Kaiwei's global strategy.”Wu Dongmiao, CEO of Kaiwei, said that in the future, Kaiwei will take this fair as a starting point, uphold the principle of "going global" with an open mind, and explore a more mature, efficient and complete intelligent operating interconnecting system with global partners in the field of dispensing and sealing, so as to jointly develop new technologies, new perceptions, new business in the field of dispensing and sealing around the world.

Foam sealing technology is widely used to seal the parts of the electrical equipment of internationally well-known brand exhibited in Hannover Industrial Fair in Germany. Industrial foam sealing machine will be further popularized and developed globally. After 5 years of independent research and development, Kaiwei can now provide professional automatic foam sealing machines for many industrial sectors.

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