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Kaiwei Industry Fair launched the "automatic intelligent sealing foaming equipment" to reflect the new concept of intelligent interconnection

The agenda of the 21st China International Industry Fair with the theme of “Intelligent-Connected-Energy Industry

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The agenda of the 21st China International Industry Fair with the theme of “Intelligent-Connected-Energy Industry New Development” is coming to an end, and the Kaiwei Electric Exhibition Hall at booth B009 in Hall 4.1H still attracts the attention of many visitors.

In this exhibition, Kaiwei Electric cooperated with FreChem GmbH & Co.KG in Germany to unveil the new trend of the industry and showcase the latest products and technologies in the field of polyurethane foam sealing and dispensing equipment. The theme runs through the entire booth.

In recent years, Kaiwei Electric and Germany FreChem have cooperated in product development to jointly develop more advanced polyurethane foam sealing and dispensing equipment, which can be widely used in cabinets, auto parts, environmental purification, new energy, air compressors. And other industrial fields! Among the many products, solutions and industrial applications on display, the first “automatic intelligent sealing foaming equipment” is particularly eye-catching. The latest intelligent wireless remote control technology of the equipment breaks through the traditional priority control and makes the dispensing process more convenient and Intelligent.

The machine image and cake model made by the equipment in the spot are realistic and the dispensing effect is uniform. It not only shows the efficiency and stability of Kaiwei dispensing equipment, but also brings more fun to the scene, attracting a lot of observations. The delegation came to visit and became the best embodiment of the new concept of intelligent interconnection.

KW530C is a sealing equipment developed by Kaiwei for use in chassis cabinets, filters, sheet metal, automotive, lighting and other industries. The coating range can be customized according to the user's requirements. The processed sealing strip is waterproof, dustproof and strong, and the protection grade can reach the IP67 grade.

1. Intelligent wireless remote control technology breaks through the traditional priority control, making the dispensing process more convenient and intelligent.

2, The sealing gluing machine has an intelligent control system, which can be customized in Chinese, English and other languages. The workpiece size, drawing file and technical parameters can be stored in the system, and can be called directly when used;

3. Using six-axis motion control card, Kaiwei's self-developed rubber coating control system;

4, The system has a glue path simulation function: the mixing head does not spit the glue, according to the drawing to complete the glue path. Before actually applying the glued workpiece, check whether the glue path is accurate and correct the error;

5. The system control adopts three-axis linkage, which can be used for flat coating (such as square, round and various special-shaped graphics), and can also be used for three-dimensional coating;

6, Graphics import function, the processing track is more complex and directly imported CAD dxf file can be processed; no need to edit the code program, reduce the requirements of the operator.

At present, the 21st China International Industrial Fair is still in full swing. To see the excitement of Kaiwei, please visit booth B009 in Hall 4.1H.