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Shanghai Kaiwei coating machine manual

Shanghai Kaiwei Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development,...

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Shanghai Kaiwei Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and application of industrial sealing systems and robot foaming equipment. Kaiwei's fully automatic foam dispensing equipment can be widely used in cabinets, auto parts, environmental purification, new energy, air compressors and other industrial fields.

The first step. Boot check:

Water : sufficient and stable clean water

Air source: dry and stable compressed air, the total air pressure is not less than 6.5bar; (When the pressure is insufficient, the pneumatic actuator may not work properly, resulting in defective products or waste products. In severe cases, it may cause dip; when the pressure is too high Can cause damage to pneumatic components)

Power: Power switch is on Garbage cans and waste water buckets are placed Then, circumspect the device for one week to observe whether there are any abnormalities, such as water leakage, air leakage, glue leakage, etc.; whether there are safety hazards around.If an abnormality is found, find the cause and solve it in time.

Step 2. Start the dispensing machine:

1.Open the electrical cabinet switch on, screw the switch to the on state

2.The power indicator lights up and the windows system starts.

3.Click on the desktop Kaiwei Dispensing Software, and the Communicator is successfully connected to the computer.

4.Click reset, the machine cycles for a certain time (about 10 minutes)

The third step. Measurement calibration

The working material of this product is liquid (flowable) two-component polyurethane, codenamed A, B

1 .Preparation: electronic scale, two disposable cup

2 .To the maintenance position (the key is in the adjustment state), remove the supply valve that needs to be metered from the mixing chamber (unscrew the three screws)

3.Now a component metering calibration: remove the a supply valve, clean the valve port, no foreign matter or crystal blocking the valve port.

Communicator F2 enters the calibration interface, F3 switches to select the components to be calibrated, selects the A component, the electronic scale opens and clears, uses the disposable cup to catch the valve port, press F1 to start calibration, observe the interface pressure change, and ensure the supply The material pressure is consistent with the circulating pressure (the pressure before the spraying is the circulating pressure, the pressure during the pouring process is the feeding pressure), and the tolerance is within 0.3 bar. If it is greater than 0.3 bar, the adjusting valve and the supply valve regulator are adjusted. To the pressure tolerance of the two is within the range of 0.3 bar, at this time, press the F2 key to modify, the actual weight after the raw material is measured, input to the actual weight of the handheld device, and then re-measure after the determination, through the measurement calibration, the actual weight and theory The weight tolerance is 0.1g, and the measurement is completed.

b Component calibration method is consistent with component A Install the supply valve (coating Vaseline at the seal), stir bar and mixing cup (Vaseline is applied to the seal during installation) Then clean once (to check if the mixing head is not installed, clean the foreign matter in the mixing chamber)

The fourth step. Start the glue application work.

1、Enter the size of the point glue in the graphic editing field, then save

2. Set the dispensing parameters (gluing speed, rubber timing, on-off valve delay and stirring shaft speed parameters, etc.). The parameters are obtained through process calculation and test.

3. Click on the position setting, input the offset point of the workpiece and save it.

4. Simulation running: The key is in the adjustment state, press the start button (check whether the running track matches the workpiece size)

5. If it is consistent, the key is screwed to the automatic state, press the start button, start to apply glue, pre-spray (ensure that there is enough mixture in the mixing chamber). In the glue, clean it in time (clean the excess material in the mixing chamber to avoid Foam in the mixing chamber), screw the key to the adjustment state

6. Save the file in the graphic editing (convenient to order the same size of the workpiece next time) Continuous dispensing of the same workpiece, press the start button directly

7.Dxf file import (need to determine a red dot in the graph as the starting point of the glue)

8.Click Open, select the file to confirm, import, and the graphic import is successful.

9.(The dispensing method is the same as above)

Interval process needs to be screwed to standby

Step 5. Shutdown maintenance

Mixing head maintenance after the end of the workpiece:

1. To the maintenance position, remove the mixing cup and the stirring rod, remove the o-ring, and put in a special cleaning agent to soak.

2, clean the mixing chamber (use a clean cloth with a cleaning agent into the mixing chamber for about 10 minutes, clean up)

3. Remove the b supply valve, clean the valve port and apply Vaseline

Close the windows system, after the system is turned off, turn the electrical cabinet switch to the OFF state.

The above is the overall operation process of the dispensing machine, welcome to visit the company at any time, thank you!