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Dispensing machine - KW526 (standard)

Product text briefKaiwei& 39;s self-developed two-component six-axis robotic applicator is suitable for foam sealing,

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Product text brief
Kaiwei's self-developed two-component six-axis robotic applicator is suitable for foam sealing, gluing and casting of flat or non-planar workpieces. The viscosity of the glue can range from a few hundred centipoise to several million centipoise. It has the advantages of small footprint, high intelligence and simple maintenance.
1) Product picture (1, main picture 2, product detail picture as shown in Figure 2: can be a physical picture of a certain part of the close-up multi-faceted) 
2) Product details (copywriting and classification)
1. The sealing gluing machine has an intelligent control system, which can be customized in Chinese, English and other languages. The workpiece size, drawing file and technical parameters can be stored in the system and can be called directly when used.
2, The system intelligent operation simulation function, completely eliminate the processing error caused by artificial size problems in the production process.
3, Intelligent graphics automatic generation function, 2D products do not need programming, the operator only needs to input the dispensing size in the interface, 3D U disk mapping, 2D, 3D can be switched processing, can also achieve multi-dimensional difference compensation;
4, Can be arbitrary graphics, arbitrary tracks (circular, square, trapezoidal, L-shaped, C-shaped, straight, etc.) glue, and can achieve a change in the thickness of any section of the strip;
5, The system has an analog memory function, Can achieve no graphic effect
Equipment Model Effective Stroke(MM) Glue Strip Width Power Working Speed Application
Constant dispenser-KW526(Standard) X=800,Y600,Z200 2-10mm 5KW 0-250mm/s Automotive, new energy, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, refrigeration, purification filtration, waterproof boxes, explosion-proof industries, lighting, and other products requiring sealing