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Micro-dispenser - KW521

Product text briefThe technology of on-site sealing and dispensing molding can process the sealing strip up to 2m

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Product text brief
The technology of on-site sealing and dispensing molding can process the sealing strip up to 2mm, which is especially suitable for the sealing of small workpieces. This equipment not only has more precise processing, but also is easy to operate. The processed sealing strip is formed by one molding. It is seamed and has a strong adhesion with IP67 protection.
1) Product picture (1, main picture 2, product detail picture as shown in Figure 2: can be a physical picture of a certain part of the close-up multi-faceted) 
2) Product details (copywriting and classification)
1. Humanized intelligent control system: 2D and 3D workpieces can be switched and processed; fault alarm function prevents equipment from running in the event of failure and causes equipment damage; automatically generates graphic system, 2D workpiece without programming, direct input The size can be operated; the low air pressure alarm function prevents the processing products from being unstable due to the unstable air pressure in the working of the equipment; and the hand-held operating handle is more convenient for the relatively fine workpiece.
2, Intelligent water cleaning function: the use of high-pressure intelligent water cleaning, scientific, environmental protection, energy saving; digital display AB material pressure, convenient adjustment of ingredients.
3, Raw material barrel: automatic temperature control double-layer stainless steel barrel, no material automatic alarm, automatic mixing device, automatic air supply.
Equipment Model Effective stroke(MM) Glue strip width Power Working Speed Application
Micro dispenser
KW521 (Customized)
    5.5KW 0-250mm/s Automobiles, new energy, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, refrigeration, purification filtration, waterproof boxes, explosion-proof industries, lighting, and other products that require sealing.