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Constant dispensing machine - KW530

Product text briefKW-521HC (high-profile) application is consistent with KW-521 (standard), using the same type of

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Product text brief
KW-521HC (high-profile) application is consistent with KW-521 (standard), using the same type of accessories in the main parts such as racks and worktables (see parameter table for details); using HT-600 mixing head The width of the strip after foam molding is 2-10mm.
1) Product picture (1, main picture 2, product detail picture as shown in Figure 2: can be a physical picture of a certain part of the close-up multi-faceted) 
2) Product details (copywriting and classification)
1. The sealing gluing machine has an intelligent control system, which can be customized in Chinese, English and other languages. The workpiece size, drawing file and technical parameters can be stored in the system and can be called directly when used.
2. Using a six-axis motion control card, Kaiwei's self-developed rubber coating control system;
3. The system has a glue path simulation function: the mixing head completes the glue path according to the drawing without spitting. Before actually applying the glued workpiece, check whether the glue path is accurate and correct the error;
4. The system control adopts three-axis linkage, which can be used for flat coating (such as square, round and various special-shaped graphics), and can also be used for three-dimensional coating;
5, Graphics import function, the processing track is more complex and directly import CAD dxf file can be processed; no need to edit the code program, reduce the requirements of the operator.
Equipment Model Effective stroke(MM) Glue strip width Power Working Speed Application
Constant dispenser
KW520 (Standard)
X=2300,Y1250,Z200 5-30mm 5.5KW 0-250mm/s Automobiles, new energy, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, refrigeration, purification filtration, waterproof boxes, explosion-proof industries, lighting, and other products that require sealing.