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Constant dispensing machine - KW520C

Product text briefKW-520S (silica gel) is used in electric heating equipment and seals that require high temperatu

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Product text brief
KW-520S (silica gel) is used in electric heating equipment and seals that require high temperature (>100 °C) parts. The material used is silica gel. It has three-axis linkage function, which can realize the dispensing at any position in the space. Automated, intelligent operations greatly improve productivity and quality of work.
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1. The equipment adopts three-axis linkage, which can realize the continuous tween of points, lines, faces, arcs, circles, irregular curves and the automatic filling function of rectangles;
2. The equipment has a large storage space, and theoretically can store 1 million dispensing process files;
3. The software has an area array, translation rotation operation and other functions, and the programming is simple;
4. The size of the glue, the speed of the glue, the time of dispensing, the time of stopping the glue can all be parameterized, the amount of glue is stable, and the glue is not leaked;
5.Special pull-back type glue order, which can quickly break the glue, use high viscosity glue and no drawing phenomenon;
6. Optional height automatic detection function, which can accurately measure the height of the working face. Effectively prevent product deformation and other factors affecting the quality of dispensing.
Equipment Model Effective stroke(MM) Glue strip width Power Working Speed Application
Constant dispenser-KW526(Standard) X=2300,Y1250,Z200 5-30mm 5.5KW 0-250mm/s Automobiles, new energy, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, refrigeration, purification filtration, waterproof boxes, explosion-proof industries, lighting, and other products that require sealing.